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We are a business technology platform designed to Empower Small Businesses in Africa, helping them keep their financial records and attain Financial Literacy through business support coaching and securely sharing these reliable information with financial institutions to extend credit to them to fuel growth in their businesses.

We empower Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to Fuel Growth in Africa!


Deploy a software solution customized to suit the local context while addressing the limitations of the MSME entreprenuer

  • Mobile based financial software
  • Allows entreprenuer to set business rules
  • Generate automated SMS alert on business performance against the rules
  • Dashboards indicating key business drivers


Partnership with existing MSME Business accelerators

  • The MSME will use data from the platform to guide business decisions
  • The accelerator will use the data to identify the training gaps and form a baisis for performance coaching


Leveraging the data gathered

  • Use machine learning algorthm to pre-qualify MSME's for funding
  • Avail financial services providers with the data needed to make MSME lending decisions

Our Services

Our Platform that provides Financial data management through a mobile software solution customized to suit the local context while addressing the limitations of the MSME entrepreneur.

We provide Financial literacy support through partnership with existing MSME business coaches and advisors.

We facilitation of access to finance through leveraging the data gathered using Machine Learning capabilities developed to prequalify MSME’s for funding.

Our Partners

How do I get the Software to Manage my Small Business?

Contact us through SMS, WhatsApp, Email or any of the Social Media Channels. Our Agent will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

How do I get funding for my business expansion?

Once Registered, you will be required to keep your Financial Records consistently for a minimum of three months, while participating in our Literacy programmes. Our state of the art Platform will analyze your business and recommend an amount and present your data to our Partner Institutions through your consent!

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Client Feedback

“The mobile application is simple and easy to use. I have started using it and I feel it has helped me to keep my financial records” says Muthoni a Fashion Designer selling Jeans in Nairobi

Client Feedback

“Using the Financial Data from Tenakata, I am now able to disburse loans to Reliable business people. The scoring is simple and makes my work much easier”, Mr. Sure of UMI

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