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About Tenakata

Tenakata means Now!

Tenakata is licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya as a Digital Credit Provider. Our platform is designed to empower small businesses in Africa by assisting with financial record-keeping and promoting financial literacy through business support coaching. We ensure the secure sharing of reliable financial information with financial institutions in order to extend credit to these businesses and support their growth. Tenakata is also registered as a Data Controller at the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Data Management

Financial Data Management

Deploy a software solution customised to suit the local context while addressing the limitations of the MSME entreprenuer

  • Mobile based financial software
  • Allows entreprenuer to set business rules
  • Allows entreprenuer to set business rules
  • Dashboards indicating key business drivers

Financial Literacy Support

Partnership with existing MSME Business accelerators

  • The MSME will use data from the platform to guide business decisions
  • The accelerator will use the data generated to identify training gaps and perform the basis for performance coaching.
Data Management
Data Management

Facilitate Access to Finance

Leveraging the data gathered

  • Use the machine learning algorithm to pre-qualify MSME’s for funding
  • Avail financial services providers with the data needed to make MSME lending decisions