Capacity Building

Capacity Building in Climate Initiatives

Promoting knowledge on climate resilience vis-à-vis sustainable business management

  • Provide training and capacity building programs to MSMEs on sustainable business practices and climate resilience. This could be done through workshops, webinars, and online resources.
  • Collaborate with universities and research institutions to conduct studies on the impacts of climate change on MSMEs and provide actionable insights on how to build resilience.
  • Work with industry associations and local governments to create awareness campaigns on sustainable business practices and climate resilience

Avenues for Additional Funding

Creating an avenue for MSMEs to access additional funding available to businesses actively promoting the SDG goals

  • Collaborate with financial institutions and impact investors to create a pool of funds that MSMEs can access for sustainable business practices.
  • Establish partnerships with NGOs and government agencies that support MSMEs in promoting sustainable development to help identify funding opportunities.
  • Develop a framework for assessing and certifying MSMEs that are actively promoting the SDG goals, which could help them access additional funding and create a competitive advantage.
Data Management
Data Management

Facilitate Access to Finance

Accelerate the trickling down of climate finance to MSMEs

  • Develop innovative financing models that cater to the specific needs of MSMEs, such as microfinance and impact investment funds.
  • Work with financial institutions to simplify the application process for climate finance, making it more accessible to MSMEs.
  • Create platforms that connect MSMEs with climate finance providers and help them navigate the application process.